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D2 Ink Removal Station
$ 1,625.00
PLEASE NOTE: OUR CURRENT LEAD TIME FOR THIS ITEM IS APPROXIMATELY THREE WEEKS FROM DATE OF ORDER TO SHIP. THANK YOU. Blackline Manufacturing’s D2 Ink Removal Station recirculates aqueous-based, biodegradable solvents used when cleaning ink off of screens, squeegees and other printing tools. Able to ship UPS, the D2 is a two-piece design that is compact and easy to use. The D2 is durable and easy to assemble, service and maintain. Dual internal tanks isolate and trap ink sludge and separate it from the solvent, which is then filtered back into the system using a footswitch-driven pump. This allows your biodegradable cleaners to be recirculated and re-used in a system that requires no external plumbing. With aqueous based solvents, the 20-plus gallon tank can be filled completely with water, using a spray bottle to apply cleaners. Or the tank can be charged with a chemical/water mix, eliminating the need to...
SuperTrap Ink Removal System
$ 1,275.00
The SuperTrap is designed to turn your washout booth into an ink removal station. Think of it as a scaled down, under-sink version of the D2, with a 15-gallon recirculation system that can be easily plumbed to any of Blackline Mfg.’s washout sinks. Once installed, the ST collects and filters ink sludge and recirculates cleaning solvents, which allows them to be reused. The SuperTrap is especially useful in shops that print on large-format screens and don’t fit into normal ink removal units.The SuperTrap comes complete with pump, filter cartridge, filter, foot switch, hose and spray nozzle.SuperTrap Standard Features Chemical pump One filter cartridge One spun polypropylene filter AirLectric foot switch Chemically resistant hoses and fittings 15 gallon capacity