Washout Booths





If you have a screen printing business, you need a space for reclaiming screens. And if you're reclaiming screens, you're going to need a washout booth. It’s that simple. Yes, there are ways around using a proper washout sink, but in the long run that will sacrifice efficiency. And inefficiency costs money. A well-designed washout sink is key in the proper cleaning and preparation of screens. Inks and emulsion can be power washed off the screen and into the sink to help other areas of your shop remain clean.

Blackline Manufacturing's washout sinks come with a variety of features, from screen holders and squeegee hooks to backlighting and pressure washer wand support on select units. The WDX line features a full ceiling and front splash guards to help reduce the amount of spray that gets outside the sink. From the ultra-affordable UPS-shippable KD series to large sinks to fit any size screen, Blackline Mfg. has a washout that will fit your needs.

All prices include crating. Shipping charges will be added upon checkout.

ELS Screen Print Table Top Washout Sink
$ 300.00
Blackline Mfg.’s ELS is a small, lightweight and inexpensive booth that sits on a table or counter top and holds up to a 24” x 24” standard screen. A perforated drain and 3/4” fitting on the bottom of the ELS allow easy hook-up for the supplied drain hose, which can be routed to the container or filter of your choice. Now even the smallest shop or home studio has the ability to use a professional, well-built washout sink to help streamline workflow and improve efficiency. Product Specifications: Copolymer construction Perforated, ¾” drain - hose included Drop-in screen support
KDL Screen Print Washout Sink
$ 525.00
Blackline’s KDL is the original UPS-shippable screen print washout sink. Full size and made of 1/4-inch, semi-transparent natural polypropylene, the KDL is strong, durable and built to give you years of service. It can hold a standard 23” x 31” screen and comes standard with two screen supports. And because the KDL is semi-transparent, backlighting can be added if so desired. If you’re looking for an entry-level washout sink that will grow with your business and save you on freight costs, Blackline’s KD series of sinks are the perfect fit. Measures 32”W x 24”L x 64”H KDL Standard Features Welded main pan Locking side and back panels Built-in screen supports 1/4-inch natural polypro construction Ships UPS ground
KD-XL Screen Print Washout Sink
$ 625.00
The KD-XL is the big brother of the KDL, and employs the same innovative multi-part system that allows them both to be disassembled and shipped via UPS ground in one box. With an extra four inches in width and five inches in height, the KD-XL provides additional room for standard 23” x 31” screens. And like the KDL, the KD-XL is made of durable, chemically resistant 1/4"-inch natural poly and features built-in screen Washoutsupports and a perforated drain. The KD-XL is an excellent addition to any clean-room. Price includes crating fee!Measures 36”W x 24”L x 69”HKD-XL Standard Features Welded sink pan with sloped floor for fluid drainage Locking side and back panels Built-in screen supports 1/4-inch natural polypro construction Easy to backlight Easy to assemble Bolt on legs Ships regular UPS ground